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Windows 7, Microsofts cutting edge operating system. The popularity of Windows XP makes it the target for cyber criminals and because people are unable to deal with them, chances are, these threats have all the opportunities to increase.

We are always reminded to update Microsoft applications with the latest "stafaband one direction" for more improved security of the Windows XP. Due to the security threats, the engineers of Microsoft come up with the latest updates and patches that would deal with almost all of these security threats. The Automatic updates option from the control panel should be switched on always to get the latest updates.

You can protect Windows XP from the threats through online computer help. There are reputable companies that offer services such as computer troubleshooting. The other options they can provide you are:

Firewall security which involves configuration and installation
Firewall security update
Judging of all the potential threats
Virus Scanner Scheduling on the internet
and common Virus Scans installation

These days, most users consider the use of Antivirus especially because there is an increasing number of malwares, spywares and suspicious objects that can harm your PC and files stored. It is imperative to always provide the right protection to your PC against virus attack. Sometimes, these threats can be very hard to detect. But with the right antivirus defense, these threats will also find it difficult to thrive into your computers and sensitive files. Without PC security, all of the nasty programs can seriously affect the functionality and security of Windows XP.

Setting a strong password is another measure to intensify Windows XP security. Make it a point to formulate passwords with a minimum of eight characters or with number, symbols and letter combinations. If there are important services that you are scared to be put at risk, they should also be set up with strong passwords.

If you think you cannot protect your PC adequately alone, you can take advantage of the many computer support services that most companies nowadays can provide. They are capable of giving computer security and worked as a team of professionals who are using their skills to address the problems concerning your computer safety and security that you are facing. They are willing to help you solve your problems as well as offers upgrade on your software.